Lebanon Reporter

March 12, 2014

Students ask WeBo board to reconsider elimination of French

By Rod Rose The Lebanon Reporter
Lebanon Reporter

---- — The program was removed “without much input” from the public, said David Monroe, before his son, Joseph, joined French students Amy Reader and Caitlin Jones in a presentation listing reasons to keep the French curriculum.

“Is this a case of a golden opportunity to save some money because the program instructor is retiring?” David Monroe asked. Giving students the choice of two foreign languages would help them “expand their future development,” he said.

Students enrolled in the French program represent 15 percent of the school’s enrollment, David Monroe said.

He asked the board to “at least reconsider” their decision and to get opinion from parents on whether or not to cancel the program.

“When it all comes down to it, it’s about the students,” said Reader, a junior who began taking French in the eighth-grade. “Taking French was one of the best choices of my high school career,” she said. “Whether or not you personally took, or would take, French,” she told the board, “it all comes down to choice.”

Joseph Monroe said 110 students now want to enroll in, and/or continue taking, French at all five levels offered; 108 students are taking French this year, he said.

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