Lebanon Reporter

April 8, 2014

Whitestown K9 officer faces disciplinary action

By Matt Werner Times Sentinel Writer
Lebanon Reporter

---- — A hearing has been set for Saturday, April 12, to determine the employment status of Whitestown Officer Nate Harves.

Whitestown Police Chief Dennis Anderson brought before the Whitestown Board of Police Commissioners several charges against Harves and requested "discipline on Off. Harves no less severe than dismissal from his employment with the department."

According to paperwork in which Anderson outlined the charges, Harves has had several disciplinary issues over the last 15 months.

"Instead of changing his conduct and moving forward in a positive and productive manner, Off. Harves continues to display poor judgment and bad behavior," Anderson said in the paperwork.

Anderson states in the paperwork Harves' most recent actions violated several WPD rules and constitute a "violation of rules," "disobedience of orders," "conduct unbecoming an officer," "neglect of duty," and "conduct injurious to the public peace or welfare."

According to the paperwork, since the board promoted Officer David Bowles to the rank of sergeant, a promotion for which Harves also applied, Harves has "engaged in insubordinate conduct toward Sgt. Bowles, his immediate supervisor."

"Specifically, upon information and belief, Off. Harves has directly challenged and confronted Sgt. Bowles' authority and rank, openly questioned and demeaned Sgt. Bowles and his position in the department and publicly made derogatory and potentially threatening comments about Sgt. Bowls, most recently during traffic court at the Whitestown Town Hall on February, 25, 2014," the paperwork states. "In addition, Off. Harves has recently (February 14 and 18, 2014) sent insubordinate e-mails to Lt. Ed Savage and Det. Scott Rolston."

The paperwork also states Harves had issues with members of other law enforcement agencies such as the Hendricks County Sheriff's Department.

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