Lebanon Reporter

July 24, 2013

Queen, court raise more than $1,000 with baked goods sale

By Marda Johnson The Lebanon Reporter
Lebanon Reporter

---- — While there’s plenty of time to pick up a Fair Shake, elephant ear or other fair delicacy over the course of fair week week at the Boone County 4-H Fairgrounds, there’s only an hour each year to buy something special from the tables filled with baked goods under a red and white striped tent.

That’s where Boone County Extension Homemakers’ Open Fresh Baked Foods Auction is held, and among the baked goods offered each year are cakes, pies and other goodies prepared by the Boone County fair queen and her court. Proceeds from their items and the others help fund scholarships awarded by the extension homemakers.

At the 2013 auction Tuesday, fair queen Kate Emmert was the first of the royalty to auction her baked item, an Ooey Gooey Carrot Cake, which she meekly offered at an opening bid of $25.

“Queen’s cakes start at like $200,” auctioneer Tom Dull informed her.

Emmert looked at him skeptically and then turned back to the crowd.

“Do I heard 50 dollars?” Emmert asked.

She did, and within a few minutes had reached the magic number of $200.

But the bidding didn’t stop there.

Emmert’s auctioning style quickly evolved, and after seeking and getting a bid for $250, she boldly asked for — and got — $400. And when bidding reached $725, someone in the crowd yelled out $800.

“Do I hear 825? Eight-twenty-five-it’s-especially-healthy-and-really-delicious-825?” Emmert enthusiastically called.

Bidding finally ended at $850, with a consortium of Home National Bank, Lebanon Mayor Huck Lewis and Mike Nielsen for Sheriff making the purchase.

Baked goods offered by other members of the queen’s court brought in more than $350 in additional funds for scholarships.