Lebanon Reporter

October 16, 2012

Deadline set to join county fuel contract

By Rod Rose
Assistant Managing Editor

Boone County — Agencies that are associated with Boone County have until Nov. 5 to ask to be included in an Indiana Department of Transportation agreement that locks in petroleum prices for 2013.

The Boone County Commissioners will open fuel bids at their Dec. 3 meeting, with the contract scheduled to be awarded on Dec. 17.

Nov. 5 is the cutoff date for legal advertising in Boone County’s two local newspapers, explained Highway Superintendent Rick Carney. He needs the fuel requests by then in order to provide the amount of fuel Boone will request through the state.

The commissioners will have to be ready to decide whether to join the state bid, or sign their own contract for gasoline, diesel and oil products, Carney said.

Joining the state has saved the county thousands of dollars — but participating with the state also means the county can’t opt out of that agreement should petroleum prices fall from the guaranteed rate suppliers will furnish in their bids.

Witham Health Services, Boone County Senior Services, Boone County 4-H and other groups that have associations with the county are eligible to participate, Commissioner Jeff Wolfe said. Private companies and citizens may not join in the agreement.

The City of Lebanon also joins the county’s contract purchase with the state, Street Superintendent Larry Lee said.

“The more you buy, the cheaper it is, so we go in with the county,” Lee said. The city pays for the products it uses, he said; joining the county helps lower the per-gallon price through a volume discount.

Carney has drafted two versions of an equipment repair and replacement plan, he said. He’s gathering more information before presenting the funding requests to the Boone County Council for approval. One plan takes longer to replace equipment that is deteriorating to the point it costs more to repair than is practical, he said.

Action on a request from Lebanon Utilities to box out a county right-of-way segment on Indianapolis Avenue near the Boone County Fairgrounds so a pumping station can be moved, will be delayed until the utility furnishes a survey of the site.