Lebanon Reporter

October 10, 2012

County drops park levy, but adds another funding option

By Sarah Lang
Staff writer

Boone County — Though the county park tax was zeroed out from the county’s budget at Monday’s Boone County Council meeting, the parks will see no decrease in funding from the county next year.

While the levy was removed from the budget, the council voted to replace that money with a $100,000 budget line from the food and beverage fund.

The issue was a point of heavy contention at Monday’s council meeting. Laurie Gross, president of the Lebanon Department of Parks board, requested that the council put the county park tax back into its budget for 2013. But Councilman David Rodgers said he didn’t even know whether the tax had been eliminated from the budget.

The council had decided to eliminate the tax during budget hearings last month, but some council members did not agree with the decision.

“I didn’t ever think the park levy tax should be taken out,” said Councilwoman Debby Shubert. “I’d like it to be put back in.”

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