Lebanon Reporter

May 21, 2013

Vet knew career path since childhood

By Rod Rose
Assistant Managing Editor

Lebanon — Veterinarian Dr. Devin Kistler had her career planned when she was 7 or 8.

Watching her father, the late Dr. Mark Cunningham, take care of cats and dogs as she was growing up put Dr. Kistler on the path to veterinary medicine.

“I never wanted to do anything else,” she said. “I think I told dad when I was little, that’s want I wanted to do; he told me I’d change my mind, and I never did.”

Dr. Cunningham opened the All Animals Veterinary Clinic, Inc., 107 W. Elm St., Lebanon, in 1991; Dr. Kistler joined the practice in June 2011, after graduating from Purdue University.

“Amazingly, a lot of people didn’t realize I was dad’s daughter, even though I’ve been here for a fairly long time,” she said. “I think the last name threw people off. ... I was kind of surprised by that. Dad’s been telling everyone that I was in vet school.”

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