Lebanon Reporter

October 19, 2012

Fever are fan’s choice as champ

By Eric Williams
Reporter columnist

— This October basketball fans face some tough choices.

The Minnesota Lynx say they deserve to be WNBA champions for a second-straight year, but can they really be trusted?

After all they’ve been champion for an entire season and are you really any better off now than you were a year ago?

The Indiana Fever are an exciting team that shares the basketball and plays smothering defense. This October the choice is clear.

 If the Fever become WNBA Champion, they won’t rest until there’s a chicken in every pot and a basketball hoop on every garage.   

Haven’t we had enough of the Minnesota Lynx? After all, can we really count on a team that relies so heavily on just two players?

America deserves a champion that has more to offer than just four-time All American Maya Moore and former WNBA Rookie of the Year Seimone Augustus.

The Indiana Fever on the other hand are a true team in every sense of the word, boasting a roster of talented players including the NBA’s top defensive stopper in Tamika Catchings and a sharpshooter in Katie Douglas (currently nursing an injured ankle).

Leadership. The Fever have two spunky guards (Briann January and Shavonte Zellous) that are proven leaders and solid decision makers.

Together they’ve worked hard to prevent the damaging turnovers that can destroy a team’s chances.

The Minnesota Lynx say they’re a good team, but they averaged a disappointing 13 turnovers last year.

Teamwork. Indiana knows the value of teamwork that’s why the Fever guards have demonstrated their willingness for bipartisanship by reaching into the lane to work with the forwards all season long.  

Hard work. Bruisers Eriana Larkins and Jessica Davenport understand the value of hard work and their dedication and loyalty to the American people are the backbone of this great nation of ours (and both are capable of scoring inside and protecting the glass which doesn’t hurt either).      

Americans deserve a candidate who is strong on defense but the Minnesota Lynx’s record show they are too soft.

This season the Lynx allowed a startling 76.7 points per game. This is the most important time in history and now more than ever basketball fans deserve a champion who can get stops when you need them most.

 The Indiana Fever have a proven record for being tough on defense, holding their opponents to just .415 shooting from the field.   

We can’t afford another year with the Minnesota Lynx as champions.

An independent study revealed most voters believe the Minnesota Lynx park in handicap parking spaces, scare babies and steal candy from children.

This October the choice for WNBA Champion is clear.

The Indiana Fever are the most exciting and most qualified candidate so do America a favor and give them your support. This message is not, but most likely would be, approved by the Indiana Fever.