Lebanon — The status of Lebanon’s golf cart ordinance won’t be known for at least two weeks, Mayor Jim Acton said Friday.

Acton met with Boone County Prosecutor Todd Meyer and an Indiana State Police official Thursday, after being told golf cart drivers would be ticketed if found on public highways.

In March, the Lebanon City Council voted to allow golf carts on most streets. Carts are banned from Lebanon Street, South Street, Indianapolis Avenue and Lafayette Avenue, either for safety reasons or because those streets are designated state highways.

Meyer said earlier this week that “a public highway is any street in a city or town that is publicly maintained.” That gives the state police authority to ticket golf cart drivers anywhere but on private property.

City attorney Larry Giddings will send a letter to Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter outlining the city’s position, Acton said. The state police will do the same.

What happens then is anyone’s guess.

A swarm of troopers will not flood Lebanon looking for golf cart violations Indiana State Police First Sergeant Dave Bursten said Thursday.

“We are not specifically going out on the hunt for people driving golf carts,” Bursten said. But if a trooper on duty sees a golf cart on a public road, “enforcement action will be taken,” Bursten said.

“If troopers who are assigned to work that area ... see a violation like they see any other violation, they will take appropriate action,” Bursten said.

That could range from a warning ticket up to impoundment of the golf cart, he said.

Acton, meanwhile, is fuming.

“This ordinance was discussed over almost a six-month period,” he said. There were “plenty of opportunities” for input from the state police during that time, Acton said. There were neither official nor unofficial comments, he said.

Acton objects to state police having the authority to override local ordinances. “We’re not being allowed to exercise our home rule,” he said.

He also said the meeting with Meyer and state police officials should have been public.


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