Property tax bills will be mailed within two weeks, Boone County Treasurer Deanna Willhoite said Friday.

Property tax bills are usually paid in spring and fall installments. Again, however, local officials have been forced to juggle payment dates because of changes made by the Indiana General Assembly.

One delay was caused after state officials changed the property tax bill form — for the third time.

“This is the third consecutive year that we have faced major change,” Willhoite said Friday.

For taxes assessed in 2008 and payable this year, the spring payment will be due by June 30; the fall payment by Nov. 10.

Tax information will be posted on the county’s Web site as soon as the first of three required legal advertisement of tax rates has been published, Willhoite said. The ads must run for three consecutive weeks.

Willhoite thanked County Assessor Lisa Garoffolo; Auditor Melody Price and Government Utilities Technology Services for their efforts to help Boone post tax payments as soon as possible.

Fewer than 40 percent of Indiana’s 92 counties will have tax collection dates before June 30, Willhoite said.

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