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My 14-year-old son was recently given the assignment to write a letter to Santa. While relieved that it was an easy and fairly enjoyable task, he did find it a bit silly. After all, he hadn’t bothered with Santa for years.

I don’t remember when I stopped bothering with Santa. I have always been somewhat skeptical in nature, so I’m not sure I ever really believed. But just for fun, I decided that this year I will write him a letter. Just in case. I mean, you never really know do you?

Dear Santa,

I have been good most of the year except when I lost my daughter’s camera and led her to believe it was stolen. But normally, when I’m naughty, it’s OK because I’m married.

I am already abundantly blessed, but since your business is to deliver the whims of our heart I will make a short list.

1. Jar Candles — I always run out between Christmases, so if you could double what you brought last year that would be great!

2. Potholders — Mine are wearing thin and I’ve scorched my fingers a few times this year, but I never remember to buy new ones when I’m at the store. Incidentally, I don’t care for the newfangle silicone type.

3. A Barry Manilow CD — I’m not sure what he has released recently, but whatever it is I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. If he’s going to be in town soon, I’d like a couple of concert tickets too. And maybe a backstage pass. And an autograph. And maybe a chance meeting at a convenience store when he stops for a pack of gum.

Oh, and if you could have him choose me out of the audience to sing onstage with him, I would really appreciate it. Of the eight concerts I’ve attended, he hasn’t picked me yet, even though I wear broad horizontal stripes for easy visibility.

4. A beautiful journal — I do all my writing on my laptop but there is something inspiring about beautifully bound blank pages.

5. Twenty-thousand dollars to cover my daughter’s jaw surgery since the insurance company has deemed it an unnecessary procedure — I know that sounds like a lot, but I doubt anyone would mind if while you are delivering presents on Christmas Eve you take a quick look under the couch cushions and collect the loose change. With the number of houses you visit, it would add up pretty quickly.

6. Two weekends away in a hotel — One so I can be alone with hubby, and one so I can simply be alone. Now that we have five kids our house has gotten a lot smaller. ‘Nuff said.

7. Size 10 jeans that fit a size 16 butt.

8. A gift certificate to anywhere — It’d be nice to shop just for myself and not feel guilty about spending the money.

Well, I guess that’s about it. I suppose I should ask for some unselfish things like world peace or a better economy, but that might be a little out of your scope of power. However, if you want to weigh in (no pun intended) on those issues, I’m sure the powers that be would appreciate your input.

I just remembered one more thing. You know how you always say, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night?” I have a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old and they really don’t sleep well, so, if you could work out a good night for us, I would be ever so grateful.


Ginger Truitt

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