Johanna Mohringer

Lebanon Reporter

Yesterday I was sore and felt lonely — did not hear or see any of my kids at all. Today seemed to be make-up day as five of them showed up during the afternoon at different times, very nicely spread out and overlapping. Yesterday I stayed in all day and today I sat out in the sun. That alone makes already a difference in how you feel.

My daughter brought me a whole bunch of yarn to keep me busy for quite some time with different projects. Another one took a look at my finances, something I don’t like to do knowing how every day you lose again. Also another project for me to finish. It really is neat and something to be thankful for that they are looking out for my interest.

The dogs were preoccupied watching squirrels, and Benji exercised by running with his ball and dropping it at our feet for us to throw so he could run after it and retrieve it. Birds were chiming in their two cents’ worth. From my window I observe the birds. The hummingbirds are very active. Funny thing, I have always loved the sound when they take off. Now, even though I cannot hear them anymore, in my mind’s ear I hear it when I see them take off. Same thing is true about the wrens. I know their sound and when I see them stretch themselves on a branch and see their throat move, I imagine I hear them. Yet, I hear nothing if I don’t see them. On one hand, it is wonderful that when mosquitoes swarm in I don’t hear their annoying buzzing. On the other hand, since I don’t hear them I don’t chase them off, so I am easy target.

My new shoes feel fine and I can put them on and take them off by myself. However my son tells me I have developed a blister on one of my toes. I don’t feel it and I can’t see it, so he will have to keep track of it.

My denture does not fit me anymore. Maybe my own teeth or the denture (or both) have been banged up in one of my falls.

If you are traveling on our road and see me sit outside, please, feel free to drop in for a chat and visit. Most of the time I am home.

If you need something for a baby shower, you might also come over and check out what I have made to sell. All proceeds are going to “Food for the Poor,” my favorite charity. I cannot hold a job anymore, but at least I can still do something for the good of mankind.

My hands sometimes ache to start working and weeding in the flower beds, but the problem is to get down and an even bigger problem would be to get back up again. So I just sit and see the weeds grow taller. In fact some weeds are just as nice as the planted flowers. I even admire dandelions, which most people hate to have in their yards. There is beauty in almost everything. I feel we must become more tolerant towards some of the wild flowers. I did not pick any lilacs from our yard. They grew too high for me, but I could still see them and even once in a while get a sniff of their fragrant smell.

My son is still sawing trees for firewood for next year. Last week three more trees fell in the creek, taking with them part of the creek bank. The creek has started to look like a river. I better stop here, otherwise it might not hit the paper tomorrow.

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