Lebanon Reporter

March 31, 2010

Easter and spring are here

By Johanna Mohringer
Reporter columnist

— After the rain and another cold spell, it is warming up. Strange how much easier it is to get used to nice and sunny weather compared with our acceptance of wet and downright chilly weather.

We have been stopped in our tracks during the colder temperatures, but the spring flowers are not. The forsythias are ready to burst into full flower, the crocuses are almost through blooming, daffodils look beautiful and the hedge is getting leaves again.

That all will mean more work, like mowing, planting and trimming. Yet, we are still too happy to see new life unfolding to worry about the work it will create for us. Not yet, at least.

It has been too wet to clean up the fallen branches, but it sure has kept us warm the last two days.

This Sunday is Easter, and it sounds like the weather will be nice.

Beforehand it always looks like Lent is such a long and dark period. It was nice to have the soup suppers together with Otterbein Methodist, Trinity Lutheran, St. Mark Lutheran, St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church combined in fellowship and worship. It would be nice if we could do that all year round. I only named the host churches, but that certainly does not mean members of other denominations are not welcome to join.

I hope we won’t be so caught up in festive activities at Easter, like egg hunting, dinner parties, etc., that the meaning of Easter escapes us. We are fortunate to live in this part of the world where Easter and springtime go hand in hand.

When I was in Australia and New Zealand, it was midsummer at Christmas, and it was fall or early winter at Easter. Here we see new life sprouting from the soil, but over there the first snowstorms and cold fall weather are arriving. Yet they have there also Christmas card displaying snow. Of course their ties and influence from England can account for that.

In Austrailia during Easter, the church windows and doors were wide open during the midnight mass. It did tickle my funny bone when I saw an altar boy carefully walk down the aisle with a collection plate that had a praying mantis on top. He had caught it at the altar and was taking it outside to freedom. That is a sight you don’t see here!

They had Easter egg hunts for the children, too, yet at that time of the year the laying season is over.

I want to wish you all a blessed and happy Easter.