Lebanon Reporter

April 2, 2010

Remember the meaning of the day

BY Amy Mildenberg
Religion columnist

— Holy Week is one of the busiest week of the year for pastors: Visiting those who are home bound or those who are nursing homes; Maundy Thursday communion services; Good Friday prayer vigils, and then services on Easter Sunday.

A great week, but a busy week. It seems as though every year during this week something crazy happens to distract me from God and Jesus Christ rising from the dead so we can have eternal life. One year I had children issues, one year car issues, one year the flu. But as I reflect upon the interruptions of my life, I realize they were really “God instances.” Those “problems” gave me cause to reflect upon what is really important.

This year has been no exception. Molly, our youngest, is on a mission trip, so I have been focusing on Jesus’ last words: “To go and make disciples in all the world.” (Paraphrase of Matthew 28:20) It has been a privilege to pray for her. However, she is also waiting for the “big envelopes” to come for college admissions.

Through those prayers and anxiety, I have been reminded that God cares not only for us for today but also for the future. No matter where Molly decides to go to college, God will take care of her. And He will take care of me and my broken heart as my baby heads into the world.

The other “God instance” I have had in my life this busy week is a funeral.

Now, some of you might thing how sad to die right before the Easter holiday. However, it is a holiday because we Christians celebrate that Jesus Christ has risen, and those of us who love and follow Him will someday too rise in glory. Although, I am so sad not to have my special visits with Barb, to see her warm smile and to be enveloped by her generous hugs, I know that she is enjoying heaven.

I know this because I am celebrating Easter, and I know that God is not a God that is out there in outer space. No, He is a personal God; He cares what happens to us today, tomorrow and all our tomorrows. So, all our instances are God-filled.

I am going to live like Barb is now, with joy and with every day. I will live as if I am celebrating that Easter is real and Jesus Christ is risen. Because I believe to be true and I pray that you do, too. Holy God, Thank You for loving us so much that You died on a cross for us. Lord help us to have Your faith and to go into the world and share Your love.

Give us joy, mercy, peace and grace each day. Strengthen us that we may have hope and trust in Your goodness and mercy We are assured than when we leave this world we are united with You and all the saints that go before us in Your heavenly kingdom through Jesus our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Amy Mildenberg is pastor at Bethel Presbyterian Church in Zionsville and secretary of the Boone County Ministerial Association.