Ratepayer friendly impact fees needed

To the Editor:

Our Lebanon City Council and Mayor have adopted taxpayer friendly park and road impact fee ordinances within the past 17 months.

New city development creates the need for (a) new park and recreational infrastructure and (b) new road and street infrastructure.

The two new impact fees properly require developers – and not current city taxpayers – to pay their proportionate share of the capital costs of new park facilities and street improvements needed to serve new development.

Our City Council and Mayor now have the ratepayer friendly opportunity to adopt on Sept. 12 the updated water and wastewater availability fees that have been unanimously recommended by our Lebanon Utility Service Board. Our availability fees have not been updated since first adopted in 2004, and the historic growth being experienced by our city makes it necessary for the current outdated low availability fees to be responsibly increased.

The updated water and wastewater availability fees require developers to pay their full proportionate share to (a) access our current water and sanitary sewer infrastructure and (b) pay for the capital costs of new water and sanitary sewer infrastructure made necessary by new development.

Updated availability fees will help keep current utility ratepayers from subsidizing developers with increased utility rates that result in unaffordable utility bills during this time of high inflation.

I hope our City Council and Mayor follow up their adoption of taxpayer friendly park and road impact fees by adopting the recommended ratepayer friendly increases in the water and wastewater availability fees.

Aaron Smith, Lebanon

Respect for Marriage law should be passed

To the Editor:

Before the Supreme Court guaranteed the right to marriage across the U.S. in 2015, so many families had to select where they’d live based on a patchwork of state laws. Thankfully, it’s been years since same-sex couples have had to worry about the freedom to marry – but now that Justice Thomas has called for revisiting the landmark marriage equality decision, couples are nervous again.

My wife Rose-Marie and I have long been strong supporters of the freedom to marry. We own a jewelry shop in Zionsville and have always been honored to treat all of our customers with courtesy and respect. We’ve been proud to be part of many same-sex couples’ weddings through our jewelry sales.

Rose-Marie and I know how important marriage is – including our own 41-year partnership. We never want to see our country return to a time where people’s marriage rights depend on their zip code.

We strongly urge the U.S. Senate – including Indiana Senator Todd Young – to come together and pass the Respect for Marriage Act. This bill would reaffirm that marriage equality is settled law and remove any uncertainty for the many American families that could see their marriages delegitimized.

Bob Goodman, Zionsville

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