Abandoned building to get new life

Gus Pearcy | The Lebanon ReporterNEW USE: The building at 215 W. Chicago St. has seen many businesses over its 100-year existence. Tuesday night the Lebanon Board of Zoning Appeals approved a zoning change to allow it to become a clinic for InWell.

Integrative Wellness, better known as InWell, was granted a zoning variance to build a clinic at 215 W. Chicago St. The Lebanon Board of Zoning Appeals granted the variance for the property currently zoned for multi-family residential. However, it has always been a business.

City Planning Director Ben Bontrager told the board the property is actually too small for any type of multi-family dwelling.

“Even if somebody were to try to use this multi-family use, there really isn’t much possibility of that,” Bontrager told the board. “The property is so small. You can’t provide parking. There’s really no way to redevelop the site.”

InWell plans to remodel the building for six private offices, a reception area and a meeting room for group sessions. Parking will be across Chicago Street. Andrew Gutwein, the broker representing InWell, said the clinic will be closer to the center of the city and within walking distance for more clients.

“(The plan) is to bring it back into shape and put it back into use,” Gutwein told the board.

The structure has been there for more than 100 years. At one time it was a grocery store. Most recently, it was a sports card memorabilia shop called Umpire’s Choice. Long-range plans are to create an InWell campus, Gutwein said in the meeting.

The variance does not need to be approved by any other board. It is unclear how soon work will begin on the building.

In other BZA news, Bruce Pauley will continue to chair the committee in 2019, the board voted.

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