A pair of road adjustments received approval by the Boone County Area Plan Commission.

Paul Kite Co. sought final approval for “Phase 1” of the County Road 700 East alignment and preliminary development plan approval for the northern segment of a proposed County Road 700 East alignment.

For the first time in the year the plans for this project have been presented, the petitions received a considerable amount of public remonstrance.

Those who spoke appeared to share the opinion that the new alignments would remove the flawed road design of Old Indiana 334 but would add another with the S-curve the new alignment would create.

“We understand (Ind.) 334 being built up,” Charles Anderson said. “(But) we find this not to be the most sensible egress across this property. This basically puts the dangerous bend back in.”

Attorney representing the petitions, Mike Andreoli, said he and his client were quite surprised by the sudden disapproval now, when notice had been given nearly a year ago.

“There are a few that seem to be out against us, though we don’t know why,” Andreoli said.

In response to Andreoli, some remonstrators said the reason they did not speak out against the plans from the beginning is they had no idea the rezoning would lead to a road realignment.

“When you hear it’s going to be rezoned ... (you don’t think) an entire road was going to be realigned,” Julie Mears said.

In the end, the APC board seemed to agree that the road realignment may not be the best design, but they weren’t sure if a better design was possible.

“It doesn’t seem like a really good plan, but I don’t have anything better,” APC member Doug Akers said.

Both plans were approved, with APC member John Pugh against the preliminary plan.

The road alignments are a portion of Kite’s retail development, a 40-acre, 280,000-square-foot project.

Kite’s company Web site described the development as something that “will provide shopping and dining opportunities for this affluent area west of Indianapolis, including Zionsville and West Carmel.”

Portions of the project have gone through county planners and boards for about a year now.

At the Feb. 8, 2007 meeting, the APC gave a favorable recommendation to Kite’s request to rezone seven acres in the R-1 district in the proposed area to a General Business zone. At the next Boone County Commissioners meeting later that month, the rezone was approved.

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