Damion Neese

Damion Neese

A child predator is behind bars again after police found his mother bloodied, according to court records.

Damion Neese’s father, Keith Neese, called 911 July 6 to report that Damion had beaten his mother in their Lebanon home, according to court records.

Police found Maria Neese sitting on a couch and covered in blood, and Damion in the kitchen with his hand near a knife, Lebanon Police Patrolman J. Bland reported.

Police believed Maria had a broken tooth and nose and she received treatment for her injuries at Witham Hospital in Lebanon.

Maria said Damion had an episode that day, in which he kept calling her Holly and said she was possessed, Bland reported. Maria told Damion she was calling police, but he said “I am the police,” and took her cell phone, which police later found in his pocket, according to the affidavit. Then he punched her, Maria reportedly told police.

Damion attacked Keith in June, but Keith didn’t want to pursue criminal charges, Bland reported.

Damion, 31, is being held in the Boone County Jail on charges of domestic battery resulting in moderate bodily injury, battery against a public safety official and resisting law enforcement. He is tentatively scheduled for a November trial before Boone Circuit Court Judge Lori Schein.

Damion Neese, a registered sex offender, previously pleaded guilty in Boone County to two counts of possession of child pornography in 2017 and one count each of child exploitation, intimidation and battery in 2014.

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