Dr. Richard Fogel, eletrophysiologist, illustrates how the LifeVest benefits at-risk patients. Earlier this month, WIlliam Sears of Jamestown was resuscitated by the vest after his heart went into what would have been a fatal rhythm.

William Sears is at home in Jamestown this week, getting ready to celebrate Christmas with his family.

The 60-year-old heart patient said the fact that he is home — or even alive for that matter — is a miracle.

Two weeks ago, in the middle of the night, Sears’ was up late watching television. When he went upstairs he found it hard to catch his breath, so he sat on the edge of his bed to wait for his breathing to ease.

Moments later he awakened to see his wife standing over him.

The part Sears doesn’t remember is that his heart went into a fatal rhythm.

For more of the story, see Tuesday's Lebanon Reporter.

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