Chloe McQueen

Chloe McQueen creates custom balloon walls, bouquets and installations for her business, Balloon Bar Indy.

Chloe McQueen, a local college student, recently started her own business — and it's all about balloons.

In addition to her balloon business and school, McQueen also works two other jobs. Balloon Bar Indy, her business, is a full service balloon decorating business.

McQueen says she was always the one setting up for family parties. She initially thought she wanted to go into wedding planning but once she realized she was interested in the decorating aspect of it all, her ideas changed.

"I saw balloons, and I fell in love with balloons," McQueen said. "They're the ultimate symbol of a celebration and they're timeless."

Months before she launched Balloon Bar Indy, McQueen spent countless hours practicing techniques with inflating balloons and researching the different kinds of balloons as well.

"It was a long time coming when I finally launched," she said.

McQueen creates custom balloon walls, garlands and bouquets of balloons - and these aren't like the balloons you buy at party stores, they're professional quality. She also has an extensive collections of backdrops for rental as well as floral elements too.

"All of the balloons that I buy are professional quality latex and 100% biodegradable," McQueen said. "There are a lot of reasons I offer that to my clients just because it's better quality."

McQueen said she had to do a lot of research on her pricing as well, and it may be more than what some people want to spend.

"Pricing is obviously really difficult," she said. "... I've done a lot of research with other balloon artists and people that do things like that to properly price things. A lot of people don't understand what really goes into it because they see you can buy a kit on Amazon for $15 but when you look at them, it's not the same and there's a reason why."

She said her average booking price is around $350 but that it can fluctuate depending on what is ordered.

The March launch of her business wasn't just by chance. McQueen said starting in March would open her up in time for the busy graduation party and event season.

"I did it on purpose because the slower months are the winter months," She said. "There are still parties, but just not as many. I purposely tried to launch when I would be doing more events and gaining more credibility and get more pictures and everything like that."

In the future, McQueen hopes to work on Balloon Bar Indy full time.

To see her different packages of balloon installations and rentals, visit the website at McQueen said the earlier people reach out the better.

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