Man charged with injuring woman, child

Justin Hinton

A Lebanon was arrested early Monday morning after allegedly pulling a child’s hair and battering a woman.

Justin Hinton, 34, of Lebanon, was charged with felony 6 domestic battery, felony 5 domestic battery resulting in injury of a person under 14 and interfering with the reporting of a crime.

A third party reported the incident to Boone County Dispatch at about Sunday evening, according to documents filed with Boone County Superior Court 1 Wednesday.

A child opened the door for Lebanon Police Officers with tears in her eyes, according to court documents. The woman told police Hinton was in his bedroom.

Police found Hinton clad in only boxers, lying on his bed. Tobacco products and a pocket knife were lying beside Hinton, while Natural Ice beer cans littered the floor, police reported.

Officer Taylor Nielsen relocated the pocket knife to a bedside table and asked Hinton to get up and speak with her in the living room. Instead of complying, Hinton put his hands up and asked officers not to shoot him. In her report, Nielsen detailed that neither she, nor any assisting officers had their weapons drawn.

Once he has settled down, Nielsen attempted to speak with him, but her report details that he called her names and said he refused to speak with her until he got a cigarette.

Seeing she couldn’t make any headway with Hinton, she went to speak with the woman and child.

The woman told police Hinton had came home drunk, pulled the girl out of bed by her hair and struck her on the side of her head, documents detail.

Following that the woman said Hinton went to his bedroom to continue drinking, according to the report. The woman reported that he wet after her, too, and called her obscene names when she attempted to take his beer.

When she tried to remove herself from the situation, Hinton followed her into her bedroom and continued to call her names. The woman said she slapped him to get him to stop, but Hinton retaliated by punching her in the jaw, documents detail.

The woman told police that she made several attempts to call the police, but Hinton intervened. The woman told police she was eventually able to call a relative who reported the incident from another residence.

Hinton told police he would never hit a child, but the girl claimed he has hit her multiple times in the past, police said.

An initial hearing for this case was set and cancelled on Wednesday.

A separate case from March 2017 is also pending against Hinton and is scheduled for a plea hearing in April. In that case he faces misdemeanor counts of resisting law enforcement, intimidation, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

Hinton remained in jail on no bond at press time Thursday.

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