Republicans rejoice at swearing-in ceremony

Gus Pearcy | The Lebanon ReporterSWORN IN: Boone County Republicans victorious in the General Election conducted a swearing in ceremony for all the countywide offices. Pictured are (from left) Assessor Lisa Garoffolo, Commissioner Tom Santelli, Circuit Court Judge Lori Schein, Prosecutor Kent Eastwood, Clerk Jessica Fouts, Sheriff Mike Nielsen, and Council members Jennifer Hostetter, John Riner, Steve Jacob and Kevin Van Horn and (on the far right) Surveyor Ken Hedge. The new terms begin Jan. 1.

Ten Boone County elected officials took the oath to uphold the United States and Indiana constitutions at a County Republican Central Committee ceremony Thursday evening. Committee Chair Debbie Ottinger said the early ceremony has been a tradition for several years.

“We know a lot of people travel on the holidays,” Ottinger said. “We want to make sure that they’re able to take time to focus and invite family, friends and neighbors and that way they can travel on the holidays and rest up before they take office Jan. 1.”

Retired Judge Rebecca McClure administered the oath to all the office holders except for Circuit Court Judge elect Lori Schein, who arranged to be sworn-in when her parents would be in town for the holidays later this month.

McClure, a former Boone County prosecutor, was very excited for the incoming office holders.

“I’ve been a part of the party politics of Boone County for over 30 years,” McClure said. “To see this new group of people coming into office, it is heartwarming because I know the quality of the people elected to many of these offices.”