Firefighters from six area departments spent three days at the fire training facility on the grounds near the Boone County Jail for operations training. The Lebanon Fire Department hosted the training which focused on search, breach and ventilation in live fire conditions.

Using shipping containers next to the fire tower, the training simulated a house fire.

“They have to breach a door,” Lebanon Fire Chief Chuck Batts said. “We have two victims. One is an obese victim. We have it set up as a hoarder house.”

Firefighters had water extinguishers as opposed to a hose line. Batts said they had to find and rescue the victims, find the fire and empty their cans on it and radio back to the truck the location of the fire.

“They have to go out the way they came in because we are simulating a hoarder house where the windows and doors are covered,” Batts added.

The simulation was done with wooden pallets stacked throughout the shipping containers. Crews had to pause because chains holding burning pallets to the ceiling melted and had to be replaced.

Participating departments include Lebanon, Center Township, Perry Township, Whitestown, Zionsville and Pittsboro.

The Lebanon Fire Department has been busy this spring, responding to 165 emergency calls in two weeks. Batts told the Lebanon Board of Works that his department logged 450 hours of training in the last two weeks.