Stats is now all 'That'

Gus Pearcy | The Lebanon ReporterNEW BRAND: The former Stats Bar and Grill is now known as That Sports Bar. The place has a new logo and some new offerings on the menu. The numbers on the side of the ticket represent the day owner Danielle Hoffman was given the keys to the establishment, Jan. 21.

Since it reopened on Feb. 8, Stats Bar and Grill has been trying to change a perception that it is the same old Stats with the same old problems.

“We’re just trying to rebrand and make it our own,” owner Danielle Hoffman said. “It was Stats for 10 years and while there were lots of good times and good memories, there were also quite a few not-so-good times and bad memories that we don’t want to bring along with us on our trip to awesomeness.”

So, as of Saturday, Stats is now That Sports Bar, as Hoffman and her husband, Jonathan, lean into the sports bar concept. The couple unveiled the new name at a special event and have many changes planned.

The new signage and employee shirts, sourced from Lebanon, show a new atmosphere. Hoffman said she has hired a new kitchen manager, who is a chef, and will soon begin offering daily specials.

The new menu will have the Saint Adrian Meats logo because That Sports Bar will now carry products from there.

“We’re trying to keep it as local as possible,” Hoffman said. “All of our wine is now from Indiana also.”

Hoffman said there will also be some Indiana craft beer options on a rotating tap.

The Hoffmans have been trying to find the right name for some time. Danielle said the couple was headed to a Kiss concert when she flashed to the new name.

“I don’t know what happened, just within a moment I was like, ‘I got it,’” she said. “I said, ‘That Sports Bar.’ Think about it, ‘Hey, do you want to go to That Sports Bar.’ ‘What sports bar?’ ‘That Sports Bar!’ I thought it was great. I think it’s hilarious.”

She said a quick Google search also proved that no one else had come up with the name. That’s when the plans came together.

The new name is also plastered all over social media as That Sports Bar and there's a new website at

That Sports Bar is at 100 Smith St., Lebanon.