Teen argument ends in alleged battery

Tristan Colgrove

A Lebanon couple called police when they heard an argument outside and saw a young man knock a girl down, drag her by the head back to his car and throw her into it June 4, according to court records.

Tristan A. Colgrove, 19, of Indianapolis, then sped away from County Road 100 East and John Shaw Road, but police found his car parked down the road in the 1400 S. block of C.R. 100 E., Boone County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Musgrave reported.

The couple were out of the car, she said, because of the amount of blood coming from her lip, according to court records.

Colgrove said they were arguing and he hit the brakes hard, causing her face to hit the dash, Musgrave reported, adding that the girlfriend initially agreed with this story until her father arrived and spoke with her.

Then she completed a statement indicating that she left the car because she was aggravated and Colgrove dragged her back to the car and hit her mouth with the back of his right hand, causing her braces to cut her lip, Musgrave reported.

Colgrove had six fresh and bleeding cuts/scrapes on his right hand, Musgrave reported.

Police released the girl to her father.

Colgrove is charged with criminal confinement and domestic battery. He was being held in the Boone County Jail. His vehicle was impounded because he could not prove ownership, police reported.