Unconscious woman found in CVS parking lot

Tiffany Giles | The Lebanon ReporterRENDERING AID: Lebanon police responded to a call of a woman passed out in a vehicle in the parking lot of CVS on Thursday.

CVS Manager Megan Skaggs called Lebanon Emergency Services Thursday morning after customers reported an unresponsive woman in the parking lot.

"We were concerned for her well being and thought calling 911 was the right thing to do," Skaggs said. "Some of our customers were very concerned because she was not waking up."

Witnesses told police the woman was passed out behind the steering wheel of her blue SUV. When customers tried to wake her by knocking on the driver's side window, they saw no response and noted she had vomit down her sweater.

Lebanon Police were called to assist. They were able to help remove the woman from her vehicle and transfer her to an ambulance. She was taken to Witham Hospital for evaluation.

The woman's name had not been released as of press time.