I argue the fact that people believe Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson is the best coach ever to go through the NBA.

Listening to ESPN radio, if they’re not comparing Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordon, then they’re talking about Jackson surpassing Red Auerbach as the best coach to pass through the NBA.

I’ve heard sports analysts for the past week talk about the difference in the NBA and, because of those differences, they say Jackson is a better coach than Auerbach.

Don’t get me wrong because what an NBA coach has to deal with is extremely difficult. They have players with large egos, millions of dollars to play with, fame, crime and much, much more.

When Isaiah Thomas was head coach of the Indiana Pacers, he described the head coach of an NBA team as a baby-sitting job.

When Auerbach coached, there was no free agency. There wasn’t as much drama as there is in the NBA, and the NBA was a lot more fun in those days.

He won nine NBA championships as a coach of the Boston Celtics before he moved into the front office full-time and became the brains of the club.

Looking at the complete list of NBA champions, many people think that all of those Celtics titles came from Larry Bird. Nope. Most of them were Auerbach.

Let’s not forget, Auerbach was the person who took Bird away from Indiana and took him to the East Coast.

I’ve read both Auerbach’s book “Let me tell you a Story,” and Jackson’s book “The Last Season.”

Auerbach most definitely a smarter coach. He was smart on and off the court and completely built the Celtic’s franchise.

His brother, Zang, created the current Celtics logo.

Auerbach himself got rid of the rats in the arena where his team played. He used a gun to exterminate the rodents.

It wasn’t a cake walk through the NBA for Jackson — I did learn that in his book. Of course, it’s never easy coach when Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal are on the same team. And it’s never easy to coach a team where Denise Rodman is on the roster.

But Auerbach created a franchise that is rich in history and rich in tradition.

How much does influence does a coach in the NBA today have on the way a team plays?

I say not much.

How can I back it up?

Current Celtics coach Doc Rivers. After going through brutal 24-58 season with the second worst record in the league the Celtics are now fighting for the NBA title.

I thought Rivers was gone after what happened last season in Boston, then they loaded up the roster with very talented players and here they are.

Either way, Jackson could surpass Auerbach in total number of NBA championship wins, but he won’t ever be a better coach than Auerbach.

On Paul Pierce’s Knee

I really don’t care about Paul Pierce and his knee. It seems like with so many players in the NBA, they injure their thumb and before they even play another game, they’ve pulled a groin, strained a knee, sprained a shoulder and then had season-ending foot surgery. Three words come to mind: Suck it up. Have you ever watched hockey?

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