Parking problems persist

To the Editor:

Since 2013 our historic neighborhood dealt with developer-led mayors, city planners, historic preservation, BZA, planning commissioners, city council and Ironmen Properties owners Joe Blake and Mike Sandry. Overflow parking you navigate around on streets, as he charges renter parking.

Mayor Huck (Lewis and the) city council granted a 10-year tax abatement to Ironmen who sold it midway, as predicted. Ironmen erected private parking signs in tax abated lots and public street lots. They were removed.

(Mayor Matt) Gentry and Planners Ben Bontrager and Kevin Krulik tried to omit visitor parking in present and future apartments through the city council, knowing the developer never had required parking for this project.

The 451 Flats, owned by Ironmen Properties owner Joe Blake and fully supported by Mayor Gentry, Ben Bontrager and Kevin Krulik all on this project since 2016, knew the lack of parking spots was again the issue. The neighborhood stated it was insufficient, only to be ridiculed and ignored.

Based on 86 parking spots, the project passed with eight variances through the BZA, Planning Commission, Lebanon Utilities and City Council with Mayor Matt as the tie-breaker vote. There are only 85 parking spots in 451 Flats apartment.

The lot has 12 spots (front south side), 4 ADA and 2 spots (front south side building), 15 + 13 = 28 (back building), 9 (north side), and 30 (alley). That’s 85 spots. One spot by the dumpster is questionable as the trash bin is too close and 4 painted designated electric charging spots are not in the approved schematic.

Now Ironmen is 6 spots short. What else do we not know?

Joyce Douglas, Lebanon

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